Virtual camera from your phone for your desktop

02 jun

Categories: Techno Multimedia

NewTek is giving away the NDI HX Camera App today. The app turns your phone into a webcam that can be used in Windows or OSX (or in image mixing systems). It normally costs € 20 so it's a pretty cool deal. If you have a desktop computer using an old phone, the NDI Virtual Input application can have a webcam that works with Skype, Teams or Zoom. It is enough for the phone and the computer to be on the same wifi network. My old LG G4 gives a 2K image at the output of the front camera. In the back it gives 4k, but it is so convenient for me to frame with front camera and it's still more than HD! If you have a lame webcam in your laptop, the phone will probably be better. You can put it in a different angle, presenting your better self.

If you look for decent USB cameras in stores, it will turn out that 4k costs several dozen euros. So get this one, go in and download the NDI HX Camera from the Google Store. Download free NDI Tools from and rawhide!

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