SDI Remote for Black Magic Cameras

11 mar

Categories: Techno

The SDI Remote for Black Magic is the missing control panel for your camera.

With the SDI Remote you can control up to 40 different camera settings, including zoom, focus, aperture, and 24 color correction settings, such as color lift, gamma, gain, offset (in all four channels), as well as contrast (pivot and adjustment), color hue and saturation.

With the SDI Remote your camera becomes the most versatile tool on the market.

Today the remote works as follow focus, follow aperture, and follow zoom (this feature requires power-zoom lenses). In the next iteration the SDI Remote will also include time lapse functionality (changing parameters in preprogrammed time period).

With a single remote, you can control all of your cameras within one SDI network. You can synchronize them in no time, to get consistent look and feel. The device also allows you to load and save settings and to update Camera IDs. Simple operation (just one knob) and simple design allow you to master corrections pre-shoot or during the show.

The SDI Remote is compatible with Studio Camera, Studio Camera 4k, Mini Studio Camera and Ursa Mini.

Supported commands

  • Focus
  • Instant AF
  • Aperture
  • Instant AE
  • OIS
  • Zoom
  • Zoom direction
  • Frame rate*
  • M-rate*
  • Resolution*
  • Interlaced*
  • Gain
  • White Balance
  • Shutter speed
  • DR Mode
  • Detail (sharpening)
  • Audio input type
  • Audio lvl ch0
  • Audio lvl ch1
  • Phantom power
  • Color lift R (200 levels)
  • Color lift G (200 levels)
  • Color lift B (200 levels)
  • Color lift L (200 levels)
  • Color gamma R (200 levels)
  • Color gamma G (200 levels)
  • Color gamma B (200 levels)
  • Color gamma L (200 levels)
  • Color gain R (256 levels)
  • Color gain G (256 levels)
  • Color gain B (256 levels)
  • Color gain L (256 levels)
  • Color offset R (200 levels)
  • Color offset G (200 levels)
  • Color offset B (200 levels)
  • Color offset L (200 levels)
  • Contrast Pivot (200 levels)
  • Contrast adj (200 levels)
  • Luma mix (200 levels)
  • Color Hue (200 levels)
  • Color Sat (200 levels)
  • Color reset

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