My most popular Title design

01 jun

Categories: Techno

I like to have my own set designs. There is nothing like your own, well-thought-out design of titles, picture in picture, screen divisions, crossovers. Well ... everything that differs random production from professional production. Among the various projects, one turned out to be extremely good for me. Half of my competitors and fellow streamers used these titles in their productions ... because they are cool and universal. Now I am posting this project to everyone in 4k resolution. I used two typefaces - Armata (a wonderful sans-serif typeface) for the title and Jetbrains Mono - a monospace typeface for the date stamp. Armata is part of the Google web font collection, JB Mono is a free font distributed by Jetbrains. Here you can download 4k PSD file with Title. PSD format Blue Title

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